Week 1: Assessment & Barriers

Week 1: Assessment & Barriers

It’s Week 1!

The are 10 weeks (11 if you count last week’s prep) to the Volunteer Playbook Group and throughout the course we’ll go through 4 Phases. Last week and this week are part of the Assess & Prepare phase. The focus is on preparing to get the most out of the group and accurately assessing your volunteerism, your ministry, and your church.

The Week 1 video is ready for you to watch and you can find it below and in the Facebook Group. I recommend watching it in the Facebook Group so you can leave comments as you watch.

Here are all the downloads from this week along with the homework.

Week 1 Downloads

Homework for Week 1

Post any questions or anything you would like input on in the Facebook Group and make sure you set aside the time this week to do the homework and start recruiting!



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